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Deanery of St Joseph



Currently, the deanery of St Joseph is split into 19 parishes. It covers the area of 224 square kilometers. The table below shows key numbers for the deanery.

Table 1: Key numbers for the deanery
Area224 sq km
Population (2011)290k
Christians (2011)184k


As of 30th June 2014, the size of the population living within the boundaries of the deanery of St Joseph was estimated at 293k, which is 1% higher that Census 2011 estimate and 7% higher than 2001 estimate. The most populous is the parish of St Ethelbert, Deane counting 31k people. The largest increase in population size in recent years was noted in the parish of St Ethelbert, Deane, while the population size of the parish of St Brendan, Harwood shrank. The table below gives further detail at the parish level.

Table 2: Population per parish (show/hide)


At the deanery level, Christians accounted for 63% of the population, followed by Muslims at 11% and population declaring no religion (17%). Christian population was fairly evenly distributed, however, considerable regional differences in size of the Muslim population were observed. They accounted for 35% in the parish of St William of York, Great Lever, and only 0% in the parish of The Holy Family, New Springs. The population declaring no religion was distributed more evenly, with highest proportion observed in the parish of St James the Great, Montserrat (24%).

Table 3: Population by declared religion per parish, 2011 (show/hide)

At the deanery level, the Christian population decreased between 2001 and 2011 by about -11%, while the Muslim and 'no religion' populations both increased, by 76% and 107% respectively. The largest decrease in Christian population was observed in the parish of St William of York, Great Lever. At the same time largest increase in Muslim population was noted in the parish of St Columba, Tonge Moor and of population declaring 'no religion' in the parish of St Columba, Tonge Moor.

Table 4: Change in declared religion between 2001 and 2011 per parish (show/hide)

Family composition

The total number of families living in the deanery of St Joseph is 76k, of which 53% are married couples and 16% are cohabiting. Lone parents account for about 19% of all families and 45% of families have dependent children. Families with all members aged over 65 account for 12% of all families. The total number of one person households (not included in the families total) is 39k.

Please note, the number of families and one person households presented in this section do not capture the 'other' category, including mainly student households and households with lodgers.

The table below provides detail at the parish level.

Table 5: Family composition per parish (show/hide)

Age profile

The age distribution for the deanery of St Joseph is shown on the chart on the left. The parish of St Edmund and St Patrick, Bolton has largest proportion of people aged between 18 and 35, while the highest proportion of those aged over 65 was observed in the parish of St Vincent de Paul, Over Hulton.

Table 6: Age profile per parish (show/hide)

Main economic activity

About 59% of the working age population in the deanery of St Joseph declared being in employment as their main economic activity. Retired people accounted for 15% and students 8%.

Table 7: Main economic activity per deanery, 2011 (show/hide)

Last updated: 23rd July 2016